Behind the color

Switzerland is a mountainous land. It is a place where people go uphill, and are used to toiling, covering wonderful ways. It was right while rising, during a clear day of July, that the light over the glacier dazzled my eyes. It almost blinded me. I put my glasses on and the horizon turned out to be full of amazing colors. They did not blind my eyes anymore, they brushed them and filled them up with emotion. Therefore, could I once again enjoy that extraordinary beauty.

Thanks to the lens’ protection, my eyes could see colors, which I had never known before. So I thought about nature’s greatness. About this mix of ice crystals and light, about the marvelous colors that these two elements had created together. Nature was telling me something.

I came back to my laboratory, and realized that liquid crystals and light could be the solution. I got to work, head down, among formulas and infinite attempts. The light suddenly dazzled me with wonderful colors, shades and tones. I was not on ice, but I felt like I was.

I found the solution for the new hair color. I did not invent anything. I borrowed the nature’s power and added it to the amazing ESLABONDEXX™ formula. I finally realized that the range was now complete.

Welcome ESLABONDEXX™ Color.