• Determine the natural depth of the customer’s tone considering the percentage of white hair, the texture, the level of hair sensitisation and body.
• Establish the color result that the customer wants.
• Identify the bleaching base relative to the depth of the desired tone.
• Select the most appropriate ESLABONDEXX™ Color nuance for achieving the desired color.

Mix and
setting times

• Pour 50 ml of ESLABONDEXX™ Color in a non metal bowl, add 75 ml of ESLABONDEXX™ Smooth Catalyst and mix well until it is creamy.
• Apply and leave to set for the time shown on the table.
N. B.: dilution with the ultra lift hair color series is 1:2 and the setting time is 45/50 minutes).
• Rinse well.
• Proceed with ESLABONDEXX™ Rescue Shampoo and apply ESLABONDEXX™ Amplifier to end the colour treatment.